About Us

craig x claude

It all started when...


CRAIG was abruptly laid off from his corporate job, as our nation was amidst one of the largest economic declines in U.S history, forcing his company to downsize. Being away for a brief time from the corporate world gave Craig a chance to see the world differently and explore his many inner talents, including cooking. Through cookbooks, tv cooking shows, video tutorials, patience, and determination, Craig quickly mastered several recipes.

This caused Craig to develop a unique and eclectic culinary point of view, and is why he was selected as a finalist for the very first season of MASTER CHEF (USA), in 2010. His experience on the show inspired him to expand his cooking style and take more risks in the kitchen, and in life. Shortly thereafter, Craig began to cater private dinner parties and events. By the time he met and fell in love with CLAUDE in 2015, the idea of creating a food company was a no-brainer.


CLAUDE has always had a great appreciation for great food and great dining experiences. Like Craig, Claude absolutely loves the art form of creativity. He has a great passion for connecting with customers and figuring out unique ways of elevating the customer experience, one customer at a time. Being in the service industry for several years prompted Claude to develop a keen awareness of what exceptional service should look like. In addition to service, Claude is also a NYC Jazz performer and recent graduate of a Jazz Voice & Performance university in NYC. 

Claude & Craig love entertaining their friends and family. They quickly became the entertaining couple that hosted everyone, and also provided delicious food for everyone's event. With everyone's encouragement, positive feedback, and support, it quickly became obvious that providing catering to the (local) masses was the next step. During the spring of 2015 is when Claude & Craig actually met, on Claude's birthday, May 26th. The number 26 took on a greater significance as their relationship progressed. In addition to 26 representing Craig and Claude's anniversary, and Claude's birthdate, it was also a symbolism of love, good fortune, and spiritual blessings.

This number would continue to follow them throughout their relationship and seem to always show up in weird and symbolic ways, whether on a clock, a screen, or a street sign. Some may find it eerie, while others might simply call it coincidental. Claude and Craig believed this to be spiritual conformation from the powers that be that it was time to collaborate on something greater than themselves. 

The company began initially with a couple of cornbread recipes, including the now famous Cornbread Madeleines, hence our name, and quickly evolved into several menus, kitchenware, and apparel.